VTR North is an award winning production company with facilities in Leeds.


VTR North reveals new creative for Bonprix TV & Social campaign.

Bonprix’s new Autumn Winter collection TV Launch


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TV Commercial Production

VTRNorth are experts in TV commercial production

With many years of experience in the TV commercials arena, VTRNorth are the right choice to deliver your creative to the screen.

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Post Production

The culmination of all your expectations, this is where you see your vision come to life.

Working on the best kit – including Autodesk Flame, Avid Protools, Adobe CC – we collectively have years of experience in delivering material to screen. Our team of award-winning talent, consisting of editors, colourists, VFX ops and sound mixers, ensure only the highest level of finish.
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Web Video

Web content has exploded over the last decade. More platforms than ever means greater choice and flexibility with less restrictions and spend

And it WORKS! YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month, that’s more than any other channel, apart from Facebook.
One in three Britons view at least one online video a week, that’s a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone. More millennials followed the US Election Campaign on Snapchat than through TV.

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If you have an existing TV commercial for non-UK markets, we can take the hassle out of re-scripting, re-voicing, and readying it for our shores.

Anglicising is a cost-effective way of using the assets you already have and repurposing them for use in Great Britain. We have a wealth of experience in knowing how and what to change to make it work. A simple direct translation is not always suitable to get your message across. However, understanding your ad will allow us to advise what will work. Click here to see our workflow and what we can do for you.

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From a simple voice over record to a full broadcast mix, our experienced team can accommodate you.

We have a larger than average VO booth as well as ISDN and Source Connect facilities for link up to external studios.
We have great relationships with voice artists and agents and can help with sourcing the right person for your job.
We mix everything from TV commercials, trailers and promos to Television programmes and films – with a heck of a lot in between. We’re also dab hands at bespoke sound design and music composition.

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Radio Production

We’ve produced thousands of radio commercials from some of the biggest brands in the UK

From Mercedes-Benz and DFS to Jet2 and BUPA. sourcing voice talent from all over the world and trafficking ads to every station sometimes versioning each ad individually for its local market, changing offers and addresses.

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Computer-generated imagery - When you can't film it, we can draw it or build it

We’ve made 3D dinosaurs walk across a barren landscape, seamlessly comped an Aardman Animation character into a of campaign of multiple christmas ads, created a virtual, fly-through world evolving around the game of darts…we’ve even brought aliens from outer space to a campsite in Ilkley. The possibilities are endless – let’s chat about your idea.

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To animate; to give life to…and so many varying ways to do so

A simple animation can be used for everything from ‘how to’ and introduction videos to explaining the complexities of hard to digest subjects. Engaging and familiar, using animation can be the difference between your message being understood and someone losing interest.

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Data Wrangling & Tape Digitising

With our Superfast Fiber Broadband and fully stocked machine room we can handle Huge amounts of data and tape

Transposing and encoding files from and to any format including the most popular tape types and up/downloading dailies and deliverables si all in a day’s work for our machine room

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